In drypoint you have to work only in black and white.
To create “chromaticity” it is necessary to use all kinds of shades of grey.
For coloured areas I use the Dremel. One stripe will be placed closely parallel to another one.
I get dark colour fields when I criss-cross the underlaying lines.

The classic edging needles –
the one with the wooden handle has a diamond point –
are creating a fine stripe, full of verve.
For capital lines they are too weak, to fragile.
I use it for hatchings to create a special grey und detailed drawings.
This work process only claims the wrist.

With sandpaper in different grain I design soft shadows.

My self-made edging needles had been screwdrivers before they got a sharpened topic.
They are good to held in the hand that the whole power of the body can be applied to the board.
It is a standing operation, supported by the shoulder.
The created deep and large lines generate a kind of skeleton for the figures.

Different roles and small wheels perform a pattern in dedicated areas and contribute more grey tones.

Board pure


And here is number four

Woman with dragonfly, Drypoint, 40 x 40 cm, 2020


Tomorrow will appear board number 5 …