Ingelheim/Rhein, Germany



Excerpt from the interview

6. What fascinates you with art in public spaces?

Changing a deserted, empty and derelict square into a location for people; just like the washer women used to go to a well and exchange news, the children played around it, lovers met – you could say I’m driven by old-fashioned nostalgic and romantic notions.

I want my sculptures to be climbed on, to be at the heart of human activity at places which had formerly grown anonymous; to put the soul back into it, maybe (This is what we all need, don’t you agree?).

Furthermore: What a great opportunity to create and define space through a sculpture! To turn a place up-side down by changing the dimensions – the laser from a king on a rooftop hitting the heart of a dancer who balances on the railings of a boat bubbling with water – a time beam which connects the Ingelheim of CharIes the Great with the Ingelheim of the 21st century («Friedrich-Ebert-Platz» in Ingelheim) – a fool in the middle of a Boccia field, a group of dogs, racing chicken … – connotations taken from the various parts of the city, combined within a new square, a new centre.



CERBERUS 2005, Bronze 220 x 280 x 120 cm

IN BETWEEN 2008, Ingelheim/Großwinterheim,
Bronze 219 x 97 x 144 cm