Texts on the artwork

Carin Grudda on bronze

Lingueglietta, June 2013
Bronze, the “eternal” material – cast into monuments for rulers, emperors and kings – can also cast a smile on your lips if you start to play with it: and what can be more beautiful  […] more

Interview – Seven questions from Grudda to Grudda

1. What inspires you the most for creating your art, wha’s driving you on?
The challenge to continuously spring from the chaos; sifting out one option from multiple choices of thousands of possibilities, from the wild and unformed, the option which seems to be “the One”  […] more

A fantastic walk between painting and sculpture

Von Luciano Caprile
Artists tend to pour their unique creative language into their work by transformation, occasionally taking on the creative process itself as a subject. This may particularly apply to those painters  […] more

On regaining locality

Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Müller to Carin Grudda
To a great extend during the Italian Middle Ages fine art was regarded as crafts. Painters and sculptors were considered to be craftsmen. Which was mirrored by their status and wages. The church as their employer determined the subject and narrative. They were expected to copy the masters. Individual innovation was not required  […] more