Lingueglietta, June 2013

Bronze, the “eternal” material – cast into monuments for rulers, emperors and kings – can also cast a smile on your lips if you start to play with it: and what can be more beautiful than a smile?

Climbing onto a sculpture, which may appear like some strange companion in the landscape, you already feel elevated a tiny fraction beyond the solid ground of reality.

We often scurry through streets and squares, we see them but do we truly perceive them?

Art is a disturbance in a positive sense; it makes the ignored things visible; the strange, the unfamiliar as a chance in itself: to reach beyond oneself, a little escape, a glance that can expand your heart for more … a gift presenting itself to everyone who wants to accept it.

Pause and contemplate, being blissfully oblivious, like being deeply involved in a game or falling in love, time stands still for a moment: this makes us escape our finite existence.

To be beyond time – even for just a moment – truly is happiness.

Carin Grudda