Until 20-10-2019 – Montepulciano – Siena

Welcoming the works of a large collection such as that of the ”Vittorio Caporrella“ Art Foundation in our Park is the opportunity to bring together works by different authors in one place and in a single space of time. Different in language, in the way of transmitting their message but with a common denominator, the material chosen to concretize their art and make it visible to all of us – the Bronze.

The Artists that we have the pleasure of exhibiting are representatives of a contemporary art that captures all the rites of modern art, its language, its colours, its representation planes, the use of light and colour, distorts them to the contrary and turns their back to those already seen if not yet definitively studied, for new research by launching a direct line between the artist and the spectator, arousing strong emotions, often difficult but direct, there are no illusions between the work we see and its message, is up to us to strip ourselves of the noble habits, of our knowledge of Italian art and for a moment let ourselves be led by these masters through new paths.

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