Until 30-01-2018 – Gudensberg


Permanent Exhibition

Bronzes • Paintings • Graphics

Vernissage: Saturday, 02. December at 19.00


Carin’s work gives us the gift of wonder back, unspoiled, with an unrivalled freshness of expression and a mirror-like purity, which should not be blemished by a contemplation which only scratches the surface and be perceived as a mere pleasant appearance. Inside the magic core of things, within the interaction of form and narrative itself, lies the key to our existential “recovery”. It may be reduced to just a moment of enlightenment, but it suffices to invite spirit and senses to a feast, opening a way to ones own roots. Due to the works of Carin Grudda all this becomes possible – with a totally natural and simultaneous completely unexpected directness.
The magic persists for Carin Grudda – and through her work for us.

Luciano Caprile / Genua



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